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Naruto Ruby is RPG based on anime/manga called Naruto.
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 Sasonu's Training

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PostSubject: Sasonu's Training   Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:07 am

A bristly feeling. Wind brushing across sasonu's face as his nose twitches from the chill. He squints his eyes as the slightest bit of sunlight peeks through his curtains. The light felt like someone was holding up a torch to his eyes. He covers his face as that was painful and he got up from his bed. He sat down for a little bit as he was still a little sleepy. He yawned loudly as he rubbed his eyes. He got up and walked to the bathroom in his dark blue, blue plaid boxers. His hair was in his eyes as it appeared to be black this morning. Sasonu looked like the grudge. He went in his shower as he almost forgot to take his boxers off. He turned the shower on the coldest temperature it could get to and stood under the water as every pelt it laid struck him with a tingling sensation. As he finished his daily cleansing, he got his Mizukage uniform on and decided to wear the hate on his back. A weird attire if i do say so myself, but I suppose every person has a little bit of weird in them right?

Approaching a little food shop Sasonu came to a stand still when a dreadful flash from the past hit him. The death of the former mizukage, a dear friend of his. He stopped to think. he didn't want that to happen to anyone in his village at all. He would protect his village with his last dieing breath if he had to. He wanted his village to be strong for him and he wanted to be strong for his village. He thought mastering a new element would be the smart thing to do. A little element of suprise is just what he needed to make sure his village would be completely safe. He walked off to the ramen shop and sat down. he could train on an empty stomach. He ordered 6 bowls of ramen with extra fish cakes. After that 6 bows was over he ordered 12 bowls of ramen and then 24 for and then 48...Note* He hasn't eaten in like a week because he was on a mission and the only thing he brought with him was bottles of water. After he finished he paid for his meal and went off to training. Surprisingly he actually could afford it all. Came to a rocky terrain field with patches of grass and a big lake surrounding the area. This was the Mist village's training grounds. He took his robe off and his hat. he sat them down near a rock and and revealed the memories of what happened years ago. he had a shirt of white bandages agaisnt his torso and stomach area and he was wearing a blackish red tinted short vest that came 9 inches above his waist. His hair was still covering his face alittle bit so he decided to put it in a spike pony tail letting some of it stillwtiher down in his eyes.

He knew this would be tough so he decided to start off with the basics. he squatted and put his hands in the tiger handsign. He focused his chakra as he tried to go beyond his natural elements of water and earth. he tried to reach the chakra of lightning, but was deeply failing. He focused harder and harder as he seemed to have been getting no where. he stopped for a moment as he walked over to the lake and jumped in. Everything except for half of his head, from the upper lip and up was in the water. He closed his eyes for a moment. He was still frustrated that this was going to be harder than it looks, even though he is mizukage. He still remembered long ago when he was in the 3 man cell with his friends Bishamon, Nera and Toshirou, his sensei. He wanted to know how all of the were doing. He then remembered the training his sensei put him through inorder for him to learn the water element.

"Okay Sasonu, inorder for you to learn and master suiton, what was easy for me was thinking of water alot. Like becoming one with the water was my first step in picturing myself actually performing suiton". Right then and there Sasonu froze for a minute. Those words were all he needed to know in order for him to master the water style. Obviously it would be a tough task, but all sasonu had was time, and that was good enough for him. He had multiple flash backs of his training long ago. He started to work on his taijutsu skills, inorder to get his body ready for the intense training. He started to punch a tree. He would bring his left arm back and punch the tree with his right arm then bring his right arm back and punch the tree with his left arm. He did this repeatedly non-stop for a good 45 minutes. He then jogged around the training area working on his stamina. he took a short break as he drank some water. He tried to focus in on his inner chakra stream and try to get the lightning chakra flowing. He felt alittle something but nothing that he should be proud about. it was like a little shock that wouldn't even harm a baby, but he knew he was on the right track as he continued on with it canceling out all of his surroundings."that was the physical part, now it is time for the mental part". before he went straight on to that he thought to himself for a moment. I have to be strong for my village, i just have to, slacking off doesn't get anyone nowhere, i have to move on and try my hardest. Without my strength my village and i alike will perish and fall.Its time for me to repay the death of the former mizukage and i will do that with all of my might no matter how long or hard it takes. This is my nindo, my ninja way. With those words set in stone permanently said. "Maybe if i bring my chakra down by half i could probaly get room in there for the lightning element". That was a somewhat smart idea Sasonu thought of. He did have very little space in his chakra system due to his earth and water element, but hopefully, if he plays his card right that all could change with the courage and willpower he holds inside him, which is a lot. "Sensei your words won't go unsaid i will make those words reality as if the were a living being"

Sasonu closed his eyes quickly. He put his hands in the tiger sign. His body grew as stiff as a board. He stopped breathing heavily and started to breath lightly, it looked like he wasn't breathing at all. He was a living statue at the moment. He took one last deep breathe and focused his chakra. Even though he drained his chakra by half it started to restore because of what he was doing now. This chakra felt different somehow. It wasn't chakra sasonu was familiar with which is why it felt different. Somehow the chakra that was restoring was a whole new chakra he had just consumed. It possibly could have been the lightning chakra. He continued to store his chakra up. You could actually see it seeping through his body as he continued. Everything then paused. The world around sasonu turned black. Sasonu imagined himself in the air where the clouds are. He picture it raining. He heard the sounds of lightning, then he heard the sounds of thunder. He still was in the same position though from the time he started to store his chakra. he could feel it. He could feel the intense lightning chakra burning inside him. He opened his eyes in this random vision he was having. he stared at the clouds as they stared back. he saw light spark in them as the clouds grew more dark and the light more bright. The lightning continued to go on along with the thunder. beats of drums from the thunder and breaking of glass from the lightning. This truly was the lightning chakra storing up inside him. he knew inorder to keep the peace in his land he must learn this key element to correpsong with his other elements, Earth and Water. He will be the longest living mizukage ever in the history of mizukage's.

He stared the clouds dead in the eyes he saw the clouds sparking up for one final blow. He focused his chakra to its maximum limit before it got out of control. before he knew it the lightning in the random vision struck him and mentally electrocuted his chakra system. he fell all the way back to his body in his vision and returned to the real world. He opened his eyes and looked at his hands as if they where radiating with the lightning element. He smiled as he knew he had completed his task for his village. he sat down for a little bit and drank so water. he relaxed because his training wasn't over yet.

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PostSubject: Re: Sasonu's Training   Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:24 pm


After resting up his bones sasonu then lay on the ground. He stared up at the sky as if he thought he was in the vision again, Obviously he wasn't but he wanted to go bacl for some strange reason. Vall him crazy if you'd like but in the vision sasonu grew more close to himself than he ever thought he would. It was like that vision spiritually bonded himself to the world. The sensation from that time on turned Sasonu into a better man. he thought now that he knew the raiton style it was time for him to put it to good use. "i guess i can make some jutsu's of my own now. its about time i suppose"
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PostSubject: Re: Sasonu's Training   Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:20 am

Element Training Approved

You should have added what you were training before the typing. Also include Word Count in the same post next time.
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PostSubject: Re: Sasonu's Training   

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Sasonu's Training
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