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 Fallen Cloud Shadow Tournament

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PostSubject: Fallen Cloud Shadow Tournament   Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:54 pm

"Hey how's it going Tina" Matt said as he walked pass her in the halls of their school. Tina responded "Okay I guess".As Matt made it to his class his teacher took attendance. "Matt" here "Tamika" here "Shawn" here "and Zack". "Uh not here" Tamika said as she looked at Zack's desk. As the day progressed school was let out. "So what are y'all doing today" Matt asked as they walk out of the school. "Well I was going to go to a party" Tamika answered as they passed the schoolyard's fence and stepped onto the sidewalk. They walked a bit further then Shawn asked "where is the party". "It's about 3 blocks from my house and it starts at 9:00 pm "Tamika answered as they stopped to wait on the bus.Matt then asked "Well can we come". Tamika thought for a bit and answered "Sure" they all had a smile on there faces and got on the bus that just pulled up. Shawn got off the bus at the first stop and said "bye". Tamika and Matt also said "bye".Next off was Tamika at the fourth stop. She got off the bus silently waving at Matt. The bus than took a left and went straight. At this stop Matt got off of the bus. Matt went to his room and laid on his bed. ~I wonder what I should wear to the party~ he thought. Matt got up off his bed and went to his closet and got a white T-shirt and a black blazer with a pair of slacks. He put these on and looked in his mirror. "Now don't you look good" Matt said to the reflection. Matt headed downstairs and asked "Mom can I borrow the car?" Matt's mom answered the question with a nod.Matt arrived at the party and went to meet with Shawn and Tamika. When he meet with them Zack was on a balcony and announced "Welcome to my party. I have big news to tell you all."
On the balcony Zack went on to say "I will be hosting a Tournament called The Shadow Tournament.Anyone can join. The grand prize will be $1,000,000. Oh and I will be participating in the tournament too. I will hold the first round in two months. To get into the tournament you must register at my house in one month. This is all I got to say so enjoy the party." " Wow what an announcement" Matt said as he got a beer. "Well are we going to enter" Tamika asked. Matt took a drink of his beer and said"Hell ya" ijn unison with Shawn. "Hey Matt" Said Tina walking out of the darkness toward Matt. "Who's this Shawn asked as he studied Tina over. Matt replied "This is my good friend Tina." "Good friend don't you mean girlfriend" Tina said as she snatched Matt s beer. "What! You never told us that you had a girlfriend" Tamika said with a shocked look on her face. "Lets dance Matt" Tina said as she pulled on Matt s shirt sleeve. As Matt and Tina went to dance Shawn said "So what you think about that." Tamika answered"It's a big shock. Why didn't he tell us about her." "Don't know" Shawn replied as he walked off to enjoy the party. The night went on and Matt went to talk to Zack. "What kind of tournament is this going to be." Matt asked. Zack answered "A Martial Arts Tournament. There will be two categories one will be One-on-One and the other will be Team-vs.-Team." "So how do you win" Matt asked. "In One-on-One you just have to win your fights. In teams you win if your team have the most points" Zack answered as he took a sip of his wine which was sitting on a wooden table. Matt nodded and said "Okay I get it. Thanks for the info" as he exited Zack's room. Matt met back up with Tina, Shawn, and Tamika and told them about the tournament. "Hey we could enter the tournament as a team" Shawn said. "I was thinking that we could do both" Matt said. Tamika then said "We can do both but I will just do the team tournament." "That's fine"said Shawn.

The Party went on and Matt said "Well I got to get my mom's car back home. See you guys later." Shawn, and Tamika both said bye. Tina than asked "Matt could you give me a ride home." Matt responded "Sure." So Matt and Tina get in the car and start heading toward Tina's house. On the way Matt noticed they were running low on gas and pulled in at a convenience store. Matt fills up the tank and goes to pay for the gas. "Get me a drink please" Tina yells at Matt as he goes inside the store. When he comes back out he's holding a bottle of Dr.Pepper. He hopes in the car starts the engine and hands Tina the drink. "You want some" Tina asked. Matt smiled and said "Nah that's okay." Soon they reached Tina's house. "come on I'll walk you to your door" Matt said as they came to a gental stop in Tina's yard. Matt gets out and opens Tina's door. Taking her hand they walk to the door. Tina gave Matt a kiss(not no little kiss a big kiss) and asked "Do you want to come in?"
Matt stands there thinking then said "Yeah I got a minute or two." So Matt and Tina walk into the house shutting the door behind them. Tina turns on the lights while Matt goes to take a seat on a black swede sofa. "So what you want to talk about" Matt said as he took a seat. Tina didn't say anything. She just moved her finger in a "come with me" motion. Matt got up in Tina's bedroom. Tina jumped onto her queen sized water bed with a smile. She Then said " Matt come have a seat." Matt walked over and sits on the bed felling the water waving underneath him. Tina takes Matt's Face and starts kissing him passionately. Matt starts to lay down as Tina takes his blazer off. Matt then removes Tina's shirt revealing her breast incasted in a black bra. Matt puts his hand around Tina's waist and back. They keep kissing as Tina removes Matt's whit T. After a few more minutes Matt begins to remove Tina's bra. *Ring Ring* out of nowhere Matt's cell phone starts to ring. "Get my car home now" the voice on the phone said. "Ok I will be home soon mom' Matt said with a mixed attitude of disappointment and anger. "Sorry Tina I got to go" Matt said as he put his cell back into his pocket. "Can't you stay for a bit longer" Tina said with her beautiful blue eyes and a sexual gesture. Matt gave a passionate kiss kiss to Tina and said "I wish."Matt grabbed his clothes and ran to his car. Tina laid in her bed and turned on the T.V. with one arm folded and a angry expression on her face. Matt gets in his car and starts it up. He than heads to his house.

As Matt pulled into his yard the lights came on in his house. ~Ah man I am in big trouble.~ Matt thought as he got out of the car. Matt walked through the door and closed it behind himself. He then tossed the keys to his mother. "What was you thinking staying out so late. It's already one in the morning." Matt's mom said catching the keys. "Sorry mom but I had to give Tina a ride home" Matt said as he stopped at the bottom of the stairs. Matt's mom looked crossly at Matt and said "Whatever next time get home on time." Matt then went up the stairs and got into his bed.

At 8:30 am the phone rang . Matt woke up, rubbed his eyes than answered the phone. "Hey Matt what's up" The voice asked. Matt answered "Nothin much. What about you Shawn." "Well me,Tin,and Tamika are going up to the mountains for some training and we were wondering if you wanted to come" Shawn said. Matt thought then said " Call me back in 10. Oh and call me on my cell." Matt got dressed and went down stairs. "Mom can I go with my friends" Matt said opening the fridge. Matt's mom yelled " Where to and for how long" cause she was still upstairs. "Up in the mountains and I don't know how long but it will be longer than two days" Matt said getting a carton of milk out of the fridge. "Yeah you can go" Matt's mom said coming down the stairs. Matt smiles than poors a glass of milk. Puts th milk back into the fridge and kicks the door just hard enough to close it. "Thanks mom" Matt said talking a drink of the milk. Matt finishes his milk then he heads out the door. He starts to walk down the sidewalk when his phone rings. " Hey Matt. So you coming?" Shawn said. "Yeah man! I'm coming" Matt said as he turned the corner. Shawn then said "Meet us at my place" then hung up. Matt looked at his phone then put it up. Matt finally made it to Shawn's house. "Hey y'all" Matt said as he hopped over Shawn's fence. They all said "Hey" as Matt stepped on Shawn's porch. Then Zack appeared?!
They got packed then got in Shawn's SUV. Soon they was at the foot of a huge mountain that stretched upwards towards the sky. "So where's the cabin Zack" Shawn asked. Zack replied "About a thousand feet up the mountain. WHAT!" Matt said. Zack just laughed and said"Well I didn't want to go to high. This is just half of my real training height." As they arrived at the cabin Tamika said "Wow it's so beautiful up her." Tina smiled then said "You sure are right about that." The group unpacked and set up the cabin. Finally they got situated.

Matt then said "Well I'm going for a walk" as he got a bottle of water and an apple. "I'll come with you" Tina said as she grabbed a bottle of water and an apple. "Oh so y'all just going to leave us with all the work" said Tamika with a smile and hands on hips. Matt and Tina smiled and nodded. As Matt and Tina are walking Tina said "Uh Matt I just want to say that last night was... well nice and I wish we could have finished it ." Matt kicked a pebble then said "Me too.Maybe we can finish it up here in the next week or so." Matt then grabbed tina's hand as they came cross a beautiful Lake. It was crystal clear and was surrounded by Evergreens. "Wow I bet when a full moon is out it would hit this pond perfectly" Tina said as she stopped to soke in the moment. "Hey! there's a full moon in 3 days. Would you like to finish what was started then?" Matt asked as he looked into Tina's eyes with a compassionate look. Tina nodded as she kissed Matt. Matt took a bite of his apple and a drink of his water then threw the apple away.(Me:Damn it I wanted that apple)"Well shall we head back" Matt asked. "Yes we shall" Tina answered as she giggled. Matt and Tina came through the door smiling and laughing. "What's with y'all" Zack asked. "Oh nothing" Matt said. "Whatever now that you are here.What kind of Martial arts do you know" Zack said. "Well me, Shawn, and Matt took tak-won-do together since we were six" Tamika said. "Oh and I took Tai-Chi" Tina announced. "Good. this is going to be a balanced team then" Zack said with a sly grin on his face. "So what you know" Shawn asked sitting on a gray couch. "Let's see. I am a 3rd degree black belt in Karate an I started Jujitsu 3 months ago." Zack said. the day goes on and they go to get in bed but there are only four. "Hey Zack there's only four beds" Matt said. "Yeah I know" Zack replied. "Well there are five of us" Tina said. "Aren't you and Matt a couple" Zack asked."Yeah bu...Tina said as Zack stopped her."that's why I made y'all bed a king size and everyone else's are queen size."Zack said. Matt undressed and put on an A-frame undershirt and a pair of boxers. and got in bed. Tina got into a pink night gown and slipped into the same bed. Matt then put his hand around Tina's stomach. "Hey Tina would you like to finish it now" Matt asked as he closed his eyes and pulled the covers up over both of their bodies. Tina thought, turned over so that she was facing Matt and said?
"No. Just wait till the day we said." Oka..." Matt said as he fell asleep. Not long after Tina went to sleep also. "Matt Nooo!" Tina yelled as Matt rolled off the side of the mountain onto a ledge. "Matt you okay"Shawn shouted looking down at Matt. "No. I got a broken leg!" Matt said clenching his leg in pain. All of a sudden the ledge began to break. Then Matt and the ledge fell to their doom. "NO!!!" Tina said with rolling down her checks as she woke up form the nightmare. Matt then woke up cause of the crying from Tina and asked "What's wrong." "I had the most horrible dream." Tina said as she looked at Matt with a scared look on her face. "You fell of a cliff and died." "Don't worry I ain't going anywhere." Matt said as he took Tina's head putting it on his shoulder and giving her a big hug. Matt then lifted her head, looked into her eyes and said "Go back to sleep. I'll be right here when you wake up." Tina laid down and put her hands around Matt. The two went back to sleep and woke up at 7:00 am. "Matt wake up sleepy head" Tina said shaking Matt and laughing. "Alright, alright I'm up" Matt said waking up to Tina on top of him. Tina gave Matt a good morning kiss then rolled off of him and stood on the floor. "Come on" Tina said as she got dressed. So now the five are in the living room and Zack said "Okay it's time for some training." "What kind of training" Tamika asked. "I was thinking of a jog" Zack said. "Alright that sounds like a plan" Shawn said. "Okay lets get some water and something to eat and move out" Matt said. Everyone got a bottle of water, a meal and a first aid kit. Zack also got leg weights and wore them. "All read" Everyone said heading out the door. "So how long this going to be" Tina asked. "Only two miles" Zack said flashing a smile toward Tina. the group then started the jog. They jogged a mile then took a rest. " Th th this is some hard training" Tamika said sitting on a rock. " I run a mile a day but it isn't this hard" Shawn said breathing hard. "It's because of the altitude" Zack said as he took a drink of water from his bottle. They ate their meal, rested and the jogged back to the cabin. "I'm beat. So I'm going to take a hot bath"Tina said walking to the bathroom. "Well I'm watching some T.V."Shawn said turning on the television. Zack took off his weights then said "I'll be in my room." Tamika sat next to Shawn and began to watch T.V. also. Matt went outside and made a phone call "Hey mom I'm fine. Just letting you know. Okay bye." Matt left the message then went back inside. Night came and everyone went to bed. The next day the guys woke up to find that the girls had fixed them a big breakfast. There was bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausage, waffles, and toast. Everyone ate and then helped with the dishes. "That was good. Thanks for cooking" Matt said drying the last of the dishes. "Okay so what we doing today" Shawn asked. "Well more stamina building" Zack replied. "Ah come on, more running" Tamika said. "No. This is going to be fun" Zack said. "So what is it" Tina asked." Zack answered "We're going swimming." "Sweet" Matt said. "So go get changed" Zack said. Everyone changed into there swim ware. Zack wore blue swimming trunks while Matt and Shawn wore red and black trunks. Tina wore a white bikini as to Tamika wearing a black one. Everyone had a great time swimming. "So what we doing tomorrow" Matt asked drying his brown hair with a towel. "Well I was thinking we could take a break and have fun tomorrow" Zack said. "That sounds cool" Shawn said. "Hey y'all can cook us breakfast again tomorrow too" Zack said laughing. "We'll see" Tamika said smiling. Everyone then went to get in bed. "Tomorrow is the day you sure your ready" Matt asked getting in bed. Tina got in bed and said?

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Fallen Cloud Shadow Tournament
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