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Naruto Ruby is RPG based on anime/manga called Naruto.
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 Nova Exceed

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PostSubject: Nova Exceed   Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:54 am

Name: Nova Exceed
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Height: 128cm
Weight: 27kg
Appearance: Nova is young boy with little muscular body. He has short spiky hair which is pale blond. Nova has dark purple eyes that seem black from afar. Although having completely fine face with no scars he always wears a mask covering it. He feels very uncomfortable without it. The mask isn't a separated piece of clothing, it is attached to his short sleeved light brown shirt. The upper part of it is white. He also wears steel armguards above rag attached to his wrists. The armguards are attached to it with white straps. The rag matches his shirt color. He wears dark brown pants. It has two normal pockets. Nova also wears a shuriken holder attached to his right tight. Like a lot of ninjas he also has Hip Pouch. As the name states it is worn at his hip. The pouch is little darker than normally. He wears common looking short Ninja sandals which match the color of his pants.


Personality Nova is a loyal dog of Kumogakure. That means that he always follows Raikage's orders and tries to complete them without fail. His wish is to make Kumogakure strongest of all Ninja Villages. Because of that he somewhat dislikes weak persons, that doesn't mean that he is going to simply beat them up though. After all his wish isn't to make Kumogakure any weaker. He prefers seeing Kumogakure's Shinobi work together as a team and let no shinobi get killed even if it means to fail a mission or two. There isn't only one reason why he wants to complete mission, he also wants the reward since he is kinda attached to money and likes it very much.

During the mission he thinks that teamwork is top priority and always tries to get along with his teammates. He isn't going to be all buddy buddy and always laugh. After all Nova is rather serious type who doesn't like useless chitchat. Although being a kid it is no problem for him to eliminate Village's enemies without hesitation. Young boy is little power hungry and always wishes to become stronger and stronger. Although he was allowed to join Chuunin Exams 2 years ago he refused it, saying that he won't become Chuunin until he is the strongest Genin. Following his stupid dream he wishes to beat up a S-Ranked ninja and after that become a Chuunin.

History Nova was born in Kumogakure. His father and mother were both Shinobi, father rather well known world wide Genius Jounin while his mother being a jounin who was able to use Crystal Release. She had passed that trait to young Nova. His father started training the boy from very young age. Nova's dad was rather surprised by yougn boy's abilities. Although training most of the time they had good relationship, a friendly one. Nova was able to enroll to Ninja Academy when he was 6 years old. He got little special treatment there as he was somewhat of a genius. Even so he was liked by other kids. At his young age girls seemed to be very attached to him... It annoyed the young boy very much as he is little shy and thus always started wearing a mask covering lower part of his body. After that he never removed it and got himself 14 sets of same shirt, all with the same mask. Nova graduated from the academy at the age of 8.

He was placed in a 4 man cell. Two other genin were rather talented aswell, just like their 17 year old Jounin Teacher. Team trained very often and completed hard missions. 2 Kids wanted to register to Chuunin Exams after they had been together one year. Their teacher refused the idea though. Nova was supporting him in every way. When young Nova was 10 years old the team wanted to register to Chuunin Exams. Jounin was fine with it but Nova wasn't. He wanted to become the strongest genin who would beat up a Kage so he had to leave the team. 2 Genins were quickly able to find a replacement and passed the Chuunin Exam easily. Nova wasn't jelous or anything, after all it was his decision to stay genin. After a year or his father said Nova his dream. It was to make Kumogakure strongest Ninja Village in the World. Nova thought it was so cool and thus started trainig even harder and harder to raise Kumogakure to the top.

Clan/Bloodline: Crystal Release (Shōton)
Rank: Genin
Village: Kumogakure
Starting Element: Crystal; Earth
Weapons: Tantō; 10 Shuriken; 10 Kunai; 10 Shuriken; 5 Senbon

Extra Alt of Animus

RP Sample: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Nova Exceed   Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:35 am



Tobi is a good boy... Who will totally sodomize you if you fuck with him.

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Nova Exceed
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