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Naruto Ruby is RPG based on anime/manga called Naruto.
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PostSubject: Power   Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:56 pm


Power determines your character's power or basically fighting ability. How fast can your character move, how strong his punches are, how good he can endure hits, how powerful is his ninjutsu etc.

The system is easy and everyone should understand it. With every topic you make in Role Playing sections you gain 3 Power (points). By Role Playing section I mean Main Countries and Minor Countries. You will also gain +3 Points when making a jutsu learning topic and then +1 from every post you make inside them. Lastly you gain +1 Point when making a topic in OOC Fighting.

If you start spamming, creating random topics we will delete them and take away your points you gained by doing the spam topics 2x. That means if you should make one spam topic in Fire Country you will lose 6 points.

Remember that when one has learned 100 Taijutsu Techniques and his opponent 1 then first one way overpowers other one in Strength even if their power should be the same. The same with Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu etc. Use common sense...

While at it I also say some things about fighting. There are two rather annoying jutsu which you can keep on using to dodge attacks... To avoid that there are limits to it. Those two jutsus are Body Replacement Technique and Body Flicker Technique. You can use both only once in a battle. If you use it second time you will automatically forfeit it...


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