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Naruto Ruby is RPG based on anime/manga called Naruto.
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 Role Playing Rules

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PostSubject: Role Playing Rules   Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:40 am

Role Playing Rules

~Preparation Rules

  1. Template: Follow the template while creating a character, clan, jutsu etc. Just copy the thing inside Code Box and fill the section. Don't write your text inside coding like bold, write your information after the [/b] (or any other code) has ended.

  2. Waiting: Please be patient after creating your application. Admins nor Mods can't do everything on a moment, they also need rest and maybe sometimes even discuss about someone's character application with others, so it might take time. Remember that everyone have their own lives and moods, so maybe sometimes Admins are just not in the mood to check the application. All I have to say is "Have Patience."

~Post Rules

  1. Post Length: No one liners. Post must be at least three sentences long.

  2. Third Person View: Only write in Third Person View without using the asterisks (no *eats an apple*).

  3. Action, Speech, Action: Your Role Playing posts should contain action (ex: Asteriks Runs around the road), direct speech (ex: "Obelisk, beat up those bandits!") and thought (ex: 'I wonder if Asteriks is alright.'). Actions should be most detailed because it represents what your character is doing. Direct speech is simple, what kind of text your character talks. Thoughts are the words you say without actually speaking them.
    Please put speech in bold or some color.
    Please put thoughts in italics.

~Game Rules

  1. Personality: Try to make your character act like you have decried him in character registration. If you have written that your character is the friendly type who doesn't hurt anyone you can't just go killing around people meaninglessly. Of course you can have mood swings, also we understand that you can't describe everything in personality so we don't mind little improvisation.

  2. Other Role Player: You cannot describe other character's actions. This is turn based. (ex: Obelisk starts punching Asteriks in the face. Asteriks dodges though so Obelisks quickly throws a rock towards him.) No that was a wrong way.

  3. Superheros: Don't go creating superheros with bodies of diamond and strength of god. Where is the fun in that, believe me, no one wants to role play against an Over Powered character.

  4. Patience: While role playing be patient. All members cannot sit on computer all day along and write. If the user hasn't made a post in 3 days though you can just act like he is standing still, doing nothing and role play along.

  5. Absence: If you are going away for more than 3 days please post in "Away" section because then your role playing partner gets to know it and can't do meaningless posts like killing you when you are away. It would be nice if you inform your partner even if you are going away for 1 day because then he isn't going to wait your post and can count with it.

~Fighting Rules

  1. Killing: Avoid random killing of member's role playing character. Killing is allowed unless there is [No Killing] written somewhere in topic title or topic description.

  2. Getting Hit: There are no battles without injuries unless your character's stats are s worlds apart from your opponent. Don't dodge all the time.

  3. Auto-Hitting: Auto-hitting is absolutely not allowed at all, this is another form of god-modding which nobody appreciates. Auto-Hitting is an action where you hit other character without letting him/her react. (Example: Asteriks Punches Obelisk in the face.) NO! This is absolute NO! You must always let other character react unless he has given permission.

  4. Posting Order: While Role Playing there must always be a certain posting order, like Me; Player 1; Me; Player 1. Rather simple right. You need to have it even when role playing in group, like Me; Player 1; Player 2; Me; Player 1; Player 2; Me, so Player 1 cannot reply to Me's post before Player 2 has posted. Of course you can say that you skip the turn if you don't have anything to say, or post before someone if you get permission from them.

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Role Playing Rules
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